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Let the Celebration Begin!

Amy Rose

We at Human Kinetics will mark our 40th year in business on April 1, 2014, but we’re not waiting until then to start celebrating this accomplishment. Employees have been working for months to brainstorm, plan, and coordinate events to celebrate the 40-year journey leading up to this auspicious day.

“We thought it deserved to be celebrated for more than one day,” said Kim Scott, anniversary committee member and association management director. Scott said other employees and internal committees have joined in to plan events small and large in the company.

The wellness committee is planning a 40-minute walk for employees and possibly city leaders and neighborhood representatives. The community service committee is incorporating the number 40 into some of their annual activities, such as setting a goal of 40 donors at the recent blood drive.
A bulletin board in the hallway at HK will have rotating displays featuring old photos from HK, trivia questions, and what was happening in 1974.

In 2014, a special 40th anniversary logo will start to adorn the Human Kinetics website and other company publications and correspondence. We’re giving you a sneak preview, so you can start looking for it.

Things will really pick up in the spring of 2014 as the HK grounds will be decorated with special 40th anniversary plantings near the main entrance and on the south berm, along with more activities as the weather warms.

A countdown honoring the 40 employees with the longest seniority at HK will lead us up to the actual April 1st anniversary date. These employees will be honored with a special recognition announcement and office door decoration for the day.

To wrap up the celebration, a party for current HK employees will be held in the company courtyard. It will be a family event with food, music, and activities to recognize the role all of our employees have played in the success of Human Kinetics. Each employee will also receive a special commemorative gift for their contributions.

During this year, we’d love to hear from our authors and editors about their memories of Human Kinetics. Tell us about your experiences of publishing with us, special employee interactions, great customer service, or just a congratulatory message for Rainer and Julie and HK. Send your messages to, and they will be shared with the rest of the company. Join the celebration!

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