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Golf Flow Golf Flow
Gio Valiante, a performance consultant whose golfers have won over 50 PGA Tour events, provides proven strategies to orient the mind, harness thoughts, and enter a flow state—or optimal performance zone—in which time, control, effort, and awareness seem both suspended and intensified. [read more]
Chip Shots Chip Shots
The chip shot is a single, smooth motion. The club travels back from the ball and then returns to and through the ball with the golfer in a balanced position. Because the weight is loaded to the target side during the address, there is little lower-body movement. [read more]
Strength is important for fatigue-free golf Strength is important for fatigue-free golf
When we speak about strength in golf, we are talking about a complex, multifaceted concept. [read more]
Who is Mulligan, The Patron Saint of Forgiveness? Who is Mulligan, The Patron Saint of Forgiveness?
Quick, give me the most familiar name in golf. Hogan? Woods? Nicklaus? Palmer? May I suggest Mulligan? [read more]
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