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Classic Kettlebell Lifts
Once you have become familiar with a proper warm-up and the introductory kettlebell movements, it’s time to learn the classical kettlebell lifts.
Condition yourself for football success with enhanced edition of Complete Conditioning for Football
40 video clips take you onto the gridiron and into the gym to demonstrate the most effective exercises and drills for your position, skill set, and goals. "Complete Conditioning for Football" enhanced e-book is now available through the Amazon Kindle store. Click the Amazon icon on the right of this page.
Diet and heart health
Cardiovascular disease (CVD; cardio = heart; vascular = blood vessels) is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States; it is not just a "man’s disease."
Dynamic pre-event stretches for three flexibility levels
Ideally, dynamic stretches are done as part of a warm-up program just before engaging in an activity.
Glutes in Motion
The glutes are vital for functional movement. Walking, standing up from a chair, climbing stairs, picking up objects off the floor, and carrying objects across the room all require properly functioning posterior chain musculature.
How to successfully intercept the ball
A second situation in which the ball is caught is when a defensive player intercepts an offensive pass.

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