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Appendix 7. Measurement Conversions

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Appendix 7. Measurement Conversions

To Convert

Start with the measurement you are dealing with. Multiply by the appropriate conversion factor using all the decimal places. If there is more than one choice of conversion factor, use the one that is closest in comparison (i.e., pounds and kilograms rather than pounds and grams, or feet and meters rather than feet and centimeters). In general, round the answer to the same number of places after the decimal you had in the original number. Otherwise, use your judgment.

There are a number of Web sites that can do the conversions for you. Here is a list of some helpful sites:

English to Metric


Metric to English






Cubic feet .02831701 m3/foot3 Cubic meters 35.314445 foot3/m3
Cubic feet 28.316 liters/foot3 Liters .035316 foot3/liter
Cubic inches 16.387162 cm3/inch3 Cubic centimeters .061023 inch3/cm3
Feet .3048006 m/foot Meters 3.280833 foot/m
Feet 30.48006 cm/foot Centimeters .032808 foot/cm
Gallons 3.7853 liters/gallon Liters .26417762 gallon/liter
Inches 2.540005 cm/inch Centimeters .39370 inch/cm
Miles 1.60935 km/mi Kilometers .62137 mi/km
Ounces (apothecary/troy) 31.103481 g/oz Grams .0321507 oz(apoth)/g
Ounces (avoirdupois) 28.349527 g/oz Grams .0352740 oz(avoir)/g
Pounds (avoirdupois) 453.5924 g/lb Grams .00220462 lb(avoir)/g
Pounds (avoirdupois) .453592 kg/lb Kilograms 2.2046223 lb(avoir)/ kg
Pounds (apothecary/troy) .3732418 kg/lb Kilograms 2.6792283 lb(apoth)/ kg
Pounds (apothecary/troy) 373.2418 g/lb Grams .0026792 lb(apoth)/g
Quarts (nonliquid) 1.10120 liter/quart Liters .9081002 quart (non-liquid)/liter
Quarts (liquid) .946333 liter/quart Liters 1.056710 quart(liquid)/ liter
Square feet .09290341 m2/foot2 Square meter 10.76387 foot2/m2
Square inches 6.4516258 cm2/inch2 Square centimeters .15500 inch2/cm2
Square inches 645.16258 mm2/inch2 Square millimeters .0015499 inch2/mm2
Square yards .83613 m2/yard2 Square meters 1.1959862 yard2/m2
Tons (short) 907.185 kg/ton(short) Kilograms .0011023 tons(short)/ kg
Yards .91440183 m/yard Meters 1.093611 yard/m

Source: C.R.C. Standard Mathematical Tables, 12th Edition, Chemical Rubber Publishing Company, 1959.


Sample Metric Conversions

Convert 7267 kilometers to miles:
7267 kilometers x .62137 mi/km = 4515.4957 miles. Round down to 4515.5 km.

Convert 11.3 miles:
11.3 miles x 1.60935 km/mi = 18.185655 km. Round up to 18.2 km.

Convert 15 centimeters to feet:
15 centimeters x .032808 foot/cm = .49212 feet. Round to .49 feet.

Convert 15 centimeters to inches:
15 centimeters x .39370 inch/cm = 5.9055 inches. Round to 5.9 inches.

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