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Bulleted and Numbered Lists

When the stem before the list is an incomplete sentence and is completed by the list items, omit an introductory colon, begin each list item lowercase, and end it with appropriate punctuation (comma, semicolon, or period). Here are some examples from Outdoor Recreation in America, fifth edition.

Perhaps the strongest points in favor of a combined department are

  • efficiency,
  • coordinated use of facilities, and
  • little conflict between park management and recreation programming.

When the stem before the list is an independent clause, use an introductory colon and begin each list item uppercase. End each item with a period if it is a complete sentence. If each item is a subordinate clause, don’t end it in a period.

The following are important considerations about open space:

  • Amount
  • Convenience of its location
  • Its quality or particular characteristics

Following are some descriptions of legal documents in recreation planning:

  • Organic documents define the purposes, jurisdictions, and limitations of an organization.
  • Federal laws are printed in the U.S. Code.
  • State laws are found in the code for each state, and local laws appear in the local register of ordinances.

All over the country, there are local outdoor-recreation opportunities whose potential should be developed much more. Among these are the following:

  • Rivers and streams through cities. These resources are often underdeveloped. Even minimal development can produce great benefits.
  • Waterfront facilities. Many cities are located on the banks of lakes or large rivers. This offers great potential for developing recreational sites along the waterfront.
  • Nature paths. Many people like to walk for exercise and pleasure. Walking can be even more pleasurable along scenic routes with interesting natural features.

In the preceding example, the incomplete sentences have punctuation because there is text following them. The punctuation could be almost anything in these cases-a colon, dash, or a period.

Numbered Lists

Use numbered lists to distinguish a particular order of elements, or when the stem introducing the list specifies the number of elements in the list. Don’t put punctuation at the end of each list item if it is a subordinate clause (even at the end of the last numbered item).

The Federal Highway Administration, a division of the Department of Transportation, has three principal functions:

1. The administration of federal aid to the states for highway construction
2. Highway planning and research
3. Road building on federal domain

The procedures involve three steps with details under each step.

1. Draft a detailed site map, including the following:

  • Ownership and site boundaries
  • A permanently established baseline and reference points

2. Write a narrative report consisting of two parts:

  • Analysis and discussion of the site’s physical characteristics that influence design and construction
  • Analysis and discussion of the physical and aesthetic requirements of the use or uses of the site

3. Write a development plan, usually made by tracing the detailed site map and adding proposed improvements. It would contain the following:

  • An overall design scheme
  • The type and placement of all facilities (but not layout details)


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