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Appendix 6. Publisher Names and Abbreviations

The following list contains the names of publishers who have published books in the sport and exercise sciences, the city where the publishing house is located, and the proper abbreviation to use in reference lists. If an entry has no abbreviation after it, the entire name is to be used in the reference list. If you don't find the name of a publisher you are looking for, please add it, including as much information as you can.

These are some principles for abbreviating publisher names in a reference list.

1. Always include Press and Books.
2. Don't include Publishers, Publishing, Company, Inc. or Publications.
3. If the publisher is a person, use the last name only, no initials (exception: Charles C Thomas).
4. Don't include articles at the beginning of names.

A & C Black (London)  
Accent Sport (Montreal)  
Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. (Reading, MA) Addison-Wesley
Adirondack Mountain Club (Lake George, NY)  
Alaska Northwest Books (Bothell, WA)  
Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (New York) Knopf
Allegheny Press (Elgin, PA)  
Allen and Unwin (London)  
Allyn & Bacon, Inc. (Needham Heights, MA) Allyn & Bacon
Amphora (Paris)  
Anchor Books (Imprint of Doubleday & Co., New York)  
Anderson World, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)  
Andrews & McMeel (Kansas City, MO)  
Annual Reviews, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)  
Appleton-Century-Crofts (Imprint of Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ)  
Architectural Press (London)  
Arco Publishing, Inc. (New York) Arco
Aristide D. Caratzas (New Rochelle, NY) Caratzas
Arthaud (Paris)  
A.S. Barnes & Co., Inc. (San Diego) Barnes
Aspen Publishers, Inc. (Rockville, MD) Aspen
Atheneum (Imprint of Macmillan, New York)  
Athletic Institute (North Palm Beach, FL)  
Avon (New York)  
Ballinger Publishing Co. (New York) Ballinger
Balsam Press, Inc. (New York)  
Bantam Books, Inc. (New York)  
Bartels & Wernitz (Berlin)  
Barth (Munchen/Munich)  
Basic Books, Inc. (New York)  
Basil Blackwell, Inc. (Oxford, UK/Cambridge, MA) Blackwell
B.T. Batsford (London; Imprint of Charles T. Branford, Co., Newton Centre, MA) Batsford
Berkley Publishing Group (New York) Berkley
Binford & Mort Publishing (Portland, OR)  
Blackwell Scientific Publications, Inc. (Oxford, UK/ Cambridge, MA) Blackwell Scientific
Bobbs-Merrill Co. (Imprint of Macmillan, New York) Bobbs-Merrill
Bonanza Books (Imprint of Outlet Book Co., New York)  
Brooks/Cole Publishing Co. (Pacific Grove, CA) Brooks/Cole
Burgess International Group, Inc. (Edina, MN) Burgess International
Canadian Society of Biomechanics (Ottawa)  
Capricorn Books (Tom's River, NJ)  
Carolrhoda Books, Inc. (Minneapolis)  
Charles C Thomas (Springfield, IL)  
Charles Scribner's Sons (New York) Scribner's
Cherokee Publishing Co. (Imprint of Larlin Corp., Marietta, GA) Cherokee
Children's Press (Chicago)  
Chip Winans Productions (Harwichport, MA) Winans Productions
Chockstone Press (Evergreen, CO)  
Churchill Livingstone, Inc. (New York)  
Clarendon Press (Oxford, UK)  
Clark University Press (Worcester, MA)  
Collamore Educational Publishing (Imprint of D.C. Heath, Co., Lexington, MA) Collamore
Collier Books (Imprint of Macmillan, New York)  
Collier-Macmillan (London)  
Colophon Books (Imprint of Harper & Row, New York)  
Columbia University Press (New York)  
Columbine (Imprint of Fawcett Book Group, New York)  
Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)  
Contemporary Books, Inc. (Chicago)  
Cordillera Press, Inc. (Evergreen, CO)  
Cornwall Books (Imprint of Associated University Presses, Cranbury, NJ)  
Coward-McCann & Geoghegan (Imprint of Putnam Publishing Group, New York)  
Creative Education, Inc. (Mankato, MN)  
Crown Publishers, Inc. (New York) Crown
C.V. Mosby, Co. (St. Louis) Mosby
DBI Books, Inc. (Northfield, IL)  
D.C. Heath, Co. (Lexington, MA) Heath
Dell Publishing Co. (New York) Dell
Dial Press (Imprint of Doubleday, New York)  
Dodd, Mead & Co. (New York) Dodd, Mead
The Dorsey Press (Belmont, CA) Dorsey Press
Doubleday & Co., Inc. (New York) Doubleday
Douglas & McIntyre (Vancouver)  
Dryden Press (Hinsdale, IL)  
Duquesne University Press (Pittsburgh)  
Eakin Press (Austin, TX)  
East River Publishing Co. (Crested Butte, CO) East River
Editions Amphora (Paris)  
Editions du Pelican (Quebec)  
Elsevier Science Publishing Company, Inc. (New York) Elsevier Science
Enslow Publishers, Inc. (Hillside, NJ) Enslow
E.P. Dutton (New York) Dutton
EPM Publications (McLean, VA) EPM
ETC Publications (Palm Springs, CA) ETC
F.A. Davis Company (Philadelphia) Davis
Falcon Press Publishing Co., Inc. (Helena, MT) Falcon Press
Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Inc. (New York)  
Fleming H. Revell (Old Tappan, NJ) Revell
Fitzhenry & Whiteside (Imprint of Chelsea Green Publishing Co., Post Mills, VT)  
Footprint Publishing Co. (Loma Linda, CA) Footprint
The Franklin Institute, Inc. (Salt Lake City) Franklin Institute
Franklin Watts, Inc. (New York) Watts
Freeman, Cooper, & Co. (San Francisco) Freeman, Cooper
The Free Press (New York) Free Press
Gallimard (Paris)  
Gardner Press, Inc. (New York)  
Garland Publishing, Inc. (New York) Garland
Globe Pequot Press (Chester, CT)  
Godson Publishing (Caledon, ON)  
Grune & Stratton (New York)  
Guinness Superlatives Ltd. (Enfield, Middlesex) Guinness Superlatives
Hackett Publishing Co., Inc. (Indianapolis) Hackett
Hafner Press (New York)  
Hammond, Inc. (Maplewood, NJ)  
Hancock House Publications, Ltd. (Blaine, WA) Hancock House
Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. (Orlando, FL)  
Harper & Row Publishers, Inc. (New York) Harper & Row
Harper & Row Perennial Library (Imprint of Harper & Row, New York)  
Harry N. Abrams, Inc. (New York) Abrams
Harvard University Press (Cambridge, MA)  
Health and Welfare Canada (Ottawa)  
Health Cranton (London)  
Hearst Books (New York)  
Heinemenn (London)  
Henry Holt & Co. (New York): NOW Holt, Reinhart & Winston  
Hogarth Press (London)  
Holt, Reinhart & Winston, Inc. (Ft. Worth, TX)  
Houghton, Mifflin, Co. (Boston) Houghton Mifflin
Humanics, Ltd. (Atlanta) Humanics
Humanities Press International, Inc. (Atlantic Highlands, NJ)  
Hutchinson (London)  
Icarus Press, Inc. (Imprint of B & L Publishing, South Bend, IN)  
ICS Books, Inc. (Merrillville, IN)  
Indiana University Press (Bloomington, IN)  
Ink Links (London)  
International Publishing Co. (New York): USE ENTIRE NAME  
International Sport Publications, Inc. (Salt Lake City) International Sport
International Universities Press (Madison, CT)  
J. Allen (London) Allen
Japanese Union of Sport Sciences (Tokyo)  
J.B. Lippincott, Co. (Philadelphia) Lippincott
Jelm Mountain Publications (Laramie, WY)  
Jenkins Publishing Co. (Austin, TX) Jenkins
Jeremy P. Tarcher, Inc. (Los Angeles) Tarcher
John Murray (London) Murray
Johns Hopkins University Press (Baltimore)  
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (New York) Wiley
Jossey-Bass, Inc. Publishers (San Francisco) Jossey-Bass
Kendall/Hunt Publishing Co. (Dubuque, IA) Kendall/Hunt
Kimpton (London)  
Lawrence & Wishart (London)  
Lawrence Erlbaum, Associates, Inc. (Hillsdale, NJ) Erlbaum
Lea & Febiger (Philadelphia)  
Leather Stocking Books (Imprint of Pine Mountain Press, Inc., Lincoln, NE)  
Lepus Books (Imprint of Henry Kimpton Publishers, London)  
Lerner Publications, Co. (Minneapolis) Lerner
Leslie Frewin Press (London)  
Lexington Books (Lexington, MA)  
The Liberal Arts Press (Arlington, TX or Normal, AL): ***THERE ARE TWO COMPANIES WITH THE SAME NAME*** Liberal Arts Press
Library Association (London)  
Linden Press (Imprint of Simon & Schuster, New York)

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins NEW as of 1/08
Little, Brown & Company (Boston) Little, Brown
Littlefield, Adams and Co. (Imprint of Rowman & Littlefield Publications, Inc., Lanham MD) Littlefield, Adams
Live Oak Publications (Boulder, CO) Live Oak
Lone Pines Publishing (Edmonton) Lone Pines
Longman (London)  
Macmillan Publishing Co., Inc. (New York) Macmillan
Marcor Publishing (Port Hueneme, CA) Marcor
Mayfield Publishing Co. (Mountain View, CA) Mayfield
McFarland & Co., Inc., Publishers (Jefferson, NC) McFarland
McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. (New York) McGraw-Hill
M. Evans & Co., Inc. (New York) Evans
Michael Joseph (Imprint of David & Charles, Inc., North Pomfret, VT) Joseph
Methuen (Imprint of Heinemann Educational Books, Inc., Portsmouth, NH)  
MIT Press (Cambridge, MA)  
Modern Library, Inc. (New York) Modern Library
Mosby (St. Louis)  
The Mountaineers Books (Seattle) Mountaineers Books
Mouvement Publications (Longmeadow, MA)  
Mutual Press (Chicago)  
National Press, Inc. (Bethesda, MD)  
Neale Watson Academic Publications (NWAP; Imprint of Watson Publishing International, Canton, MA) Watson Academic
Nelson-Hall, Inc. (Chicago)  
New American Library (New York)  
New Traditions (Ottawa)  
Northwestern University Press (Evanston, IL)  
Octopus Books (New York)  
Ohara Publications, Inc. (Burbank,CA) Ohara
Orbis Publications, Inc. (Los Angeles) Orbis
Oxford University Press, Inc. (New York)  
Pantheon Books (New York)  
Para Publishing (Santa Barbara, CA)  
Paradigm Publications Co. (Brookline, MA)  
Parker Publishing Co. (Imprint of Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ) Parker
Peabody Publishing Co., Inc. (Brockton, MA) Peabody
Pelham Books (London)  
Pelican Publishing Co., Inc. (Gretna, LA) Pelican
Penguin Books (New York)  
Pennsylvania State University Press (University Park, PA)  
Pergamon Press, Inc. (Elmsford, NY) Pergamon Press
Perigee Books (Imprint of The Putnam Publishing Groups, New York)  
Piper Publishing, Inc. (Blue Earth, MN) Piper  
Pisces Books (Imprint of Gulf Publishing Co., Houston, TX)  
Pitman Medical Publishers (London)  
Plenum Press (Imprint of Plenum Publishing Corp., New York)  
Pocket Books, Inc. (New York)  
Praeger Publishers (New York)  
Prentice Hall (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)  
Princeton University Press (Princeton, NJ)  
Pruett Publishing Co. (Boulder, CO) Pruett
The Putnam Publishing Group (New York) Putnam
Rand McNally & Co. (Chicago) Rand McNally
Random House, Inc. (New York)  
Raven Press Publishers (New York)  
Rawson Associates (New York)  
Resources for the Future, Inc. (Washington)  
Richard D. Irwin, Inc. (Homewood, IL)  Irwin
Robert E. Krieger Publishing Co. (Melbourne, FL)  Krieger
Rodale Press, Inc. (Emmaus, PA)  
Rohrich Corporation (Akron, OH)  Rohrich
Rourke Corporation (Vero Beach, FL)  Rourke
Routledge & Kegan Paul, Ltd. (London)  Routledge & Kegan Paul
Rowman & Allenheld (Imprint of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., Lanham, MD)  
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. (Lanham, MD)  Rowman & Littlefield
Santa Barbara Press (Santa Barbara)  
SAS Institute, Inc. (Cary, NC)  
Saunders College Publishing (Philadelphia) Saunders
Scarecrow Press, Inc. (Metuchen, NJ)  
Schirmer Books (New York)  
Shelter Publications, Inc. (Bolinas, CA) Shelter
Sierra Club Books (San Francisco)  
Signet Books (Imprint of New American Library, New York)  
Silver Burdett Press (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)  
Simon & Schuster (New York)  
Slack, Inc. (Thorofare, NJ)  
Smoloskyp Publishers, Inc. (Ellicott City, MD) Smoloskyp
Southern Illinois University Press (Carbondale)  
Spectrum Books (Imprint of Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ)  
Sphere Books (London)  
Sport Dynamics (London, ON)  
Sports Council (London, ON)  
Springer Publishing Co., Inc. (New York) Springer
Springer-Verlag New York, Inc. (New York) Springer-Verlag
Stackpole Books (Harrisburg, PA)  
Stanford University Press (Stanford)  
Stephen Greene Press (Lexington, MA)  
Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. (New York)  
Stewart, Tabori, & Chang, Inc. (New York)  
Stipes Publishing Co. (Champaign, IL) Stipes
St. Martin's Press, Inc. (New York)  
Summerhill Press (Toronto)  
Summit Books (New York)  
TAB Books, Inc. (Blue Ridge Summit, PA)  
Tavistock Publications (London)  
Tensleep Publications (Imprint of Melius & Peterson Publishing, Inc., Aberdeen, SD)  
Texas Monthly Press (Austin, TX)  
Thames and Hudson (London)  
Third Eye Centre (Glasgow, UK)  
Thomas Y. Crowell, Co. (New York) Crowell
T.H. Peek Publishers (Mountain View, CA) Peek
Torchbook (Imprint of Harper & Row, New York)  
Totem Books (Toronto)  
Ungar Publishing Co. (New York) Ungar
University of Chicago Press (Chicago)  
University of Illinois Press (Champaign)  
University of Nebraska Press (Lincoln)  
University Park Press (Baltimore)  
University Press (Toronto)  
University Press of America (Washington)  
University Press of Kentucky (Lexington)  
Vance Bibliographies (Monticello, IL)  
Van Nostrand Reinhold (New York)  
Viking (Imprint of Viking Penguin, New York)  
Villard Books (Imprint of Random House, New York)  
Wadsworth Publishing Co. (Belmont, CA) Wadsworth
Wanderer Books (New York)  
Warner Books, Inc. (New York)  
Westminster Press (Imprint of Westminster/John Knox Press, Louisville, KY)  
West Publishing Co. (St. Paul) West
Whitcoulls Publishers (Christchurch, NZ) Whitcoulls
Wilderness Press (Berkeley, CA)  
William Morrow & Co., Inc. (New York) Morrow
Williams & Wilkins (Baltimore)  
Willow Books (London)  
Wm. C. Brown Publishers (Dubuque, IA) Brown
World Health Organization (New York)  
W.W. Norton & Co., Inc. (New York) Norton
Yale University Press (New Haven, CT)  
Year Book Medical Publishers, Inc. (Chicago) Year Book Medical
Zondervan Publishing House (Grand Rapids, MI) Zondervan

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