Appendix 13
Inappropriate Connotations:
Words to Avoid Because of Their Inappropriate Nature

The following words should not be used in products using internationalization levels 2 through 5.

Word to avoid

Reason for avoiding

bang for the buck Relates to prostitution in Australia. "More for your money" is a possible substitute. (This one may change. It is used without offense on many Australian Web sites.)
fanny Fanny refers to female genitalia in the United Kingdom and Australia. Replace with bottom, buttocks, seat, and perhaps travel pack (instead of fanny pack).Australians say bum bag instead of fanny pack.
pants Although in some regions pants means the same thing as it does in the United States (what men wear over their legs), to others, particularly in the southern parts of the United Kingdom, pants means underwear (for either sex). Replace with trousers or slacks.
period In the United Kingdom and Australia, period is used exclusively as an occurrence of menstruation. (The U.S. meaning of period as the dot at the end of a sentence is called a full stop in the United Kingdom.)
root In Australian slang, root is a synonym for the "f" word. Replace with cheer or support in sport contexts (fans cheering on a team). Or replace with based on, originated from, or stems from in senses in which we would say that one thing is rooted in something else.
shag or shagging In the United Kingdom and Australia, shag is sometimes used as slang for to have sex with. In the United States this is a baseball term meaning to retrieve balls hit by batters during batting practice. All countries recognize the meanings of shag as a type of rug or carpet or as a type of dance.