Imprecise Language

Writers often use words and phrases that don't accurately convey their messages. Consider the following:

1. Running, cycling, and swimming are excellent forms of cardiovascular exercise.

This error occurs in many HK texts. The precise term here should be cardiorespiratory, which means heart and lungs. Cardiovascular means heart and vessels. When you see cardiovascular, be suspicious. Is it discussing endurance? Is it talking about exercise? If so, then the correct term is cardiorespiratory. But if it's talking about disease, then cardiovascular is probably the correct term.

2. Many different types of bikes are available...
The different types of vitamins available...
There are three different types of muscle in the body.
Total fitness involves many different components.
Add variety to the exercise program by using different pieces of equipment and different movement patterns.

Here the word different is in question. Often the author means various, or a variety of, not something that contrasts with something else. And many times it's just not necessary to even state the word different. Evaluate each instance of the word. Often you can just delete the word different and not use anything in its place.

But this usage is OK:
Different players require different training emphasis on each component for addressing their specific strengths and weaknesses.

3. Mother Teresa gained notoriety as a humanitarian.

The correct word here is fame. Notoriety and notorious mean fame in a negative way. Saddam Hussein was notorious. Anna Nicole Smith was notorious. Mother Teresa was famous.

4. The book is entitled The Sun Also Rises.

No, the book is titled The Sun Also Rises. The word entitled means to furnish with a right, such as She is entitled to her fair share of her father's estate. Use titled as the verb indicating the name of something.

5. Dr. Hogan is presently the head of the department of physics at the University of Iowa.

The word here should be currently. The word presently means in the near future. Granted, some dictionaries are allowing the word presently to be used as a synonym for currently, but I'm still old school on this one.

6. If you feel that the student has an eating disorder, talk to the student's parents or guardians.
If you feel that you're being discriminated against, contact the human resources department.
If you feel that the answer is no, then say so.

The word here should be think or believe, not feel. The word feel is commonly misused. It's also a very weak word--it's not very convincing in conveying a writer's opinion. Evaluate each instance. If think or believe is more precise, use think or believe.