Me, Myself, and I

More times than not, the correct choice is me. English speakers tend to hypercorrect in this area. As editors, we need to be better at using the correct pronouns. I see and hear mistakes from HKers (yes, even editors) in this area all too often--in e-mails, faxes, and discussions.

For each sentence, choose the correct word from the selections in parentheses:

1. This program was produced by Tory Mallatea and (I, me, myself).
2. George will be there, along with Craig, Helen, and (I, me, myself).
3. I'm doing just fine; and how about (you, yourself)?
4. You can fax the form to Joe or (I, me, myself).


1. me. We're asking for the object, and the object form is me. The word myself is a reflexive pronoun. Use it only as emphasis (I myself enjoy a martini or two at lunch) or to express something you do to yourself (e.g., I gave myself a manicure).
2. me. See explanation for item 1.
3. you. Again, we're asking for the object form.
4. me. Again, it's the object. Too often I see and hear You can fax this form to Joe or I. But you wouldn't say, You can fax this form to I, would you? No. Use that as the test to determine whether to use I or me.