Trite and Trendy

This is also a lecture on wordiness and redundancy, which I've covered in previous articles. Be wary of cliches and triteness in writing:

End result. Any result is an end to something. Use simply result.

Rule of thumb. Use rule or general rule.

Each and every. Either it's each or it's every. Don't use both.

For all intents and purposes. Isn't an intent the same as a purpose?

By and large. It's been a while since I've heard or read this one, so maybe it's being phased out of the language. Oh, I hope it is, at least. It's just a stuffy way of saying essentially.

And this next statement will cause some controversy, but I must say it: Stop using the word awesome. The word has been overused and misused so much that people have lost sight of what it really means: awe inspiring. Your new handbag is not awe inspiring. Red Bull energy drink is not awe inspiring. The birth of your child is awe inspiring, so feel free to use the word awesome to describe that.