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The Kinetic Energy touring company takes an arts-based approach to learning

The Kinetic Energy touring company takes an arts-based approach to learning

The first presentation, titled Kinetic Energy, focuses on the concepts of kinetic and potential energy, gravity, inertia, and friction. read more
Authentic Assessment

Authentic Assessment

Researchers have indicated that standardized testing protocols may present challenges in adapted physical education. For example, Block (2016) noted that outcomes from standardized tests have been misused in determining IEP goals and objectives. read more

Functional Approach in Transition Planning

The functional approach in transition planning is used to create appropriate goals in physical education. This model is based off the work of Flexer et al. (2013) and incorporates legal requirements and best practices in special education. read more
Legislative Mandates: A Historical Perspective

Legislative Mandates: A Historical Perspective

Educating students with disabilities was not always required. In fact, before much attention was paid to the subject, several parent activist groups filed suit on behalf of their children with disabilities who were being denied education. read more
Using Body Composition Methods to Identify Cachexia in Cancer Patients

Using Body Composition Methods to Identify Cachexia in Cancer Patients

Cachexia is not simply weight loss. In some cancer populations, such as patients with early-stage breast cancer, weight gain is actually a more common occurrence that is associated with poor prognosis. read more
Anaerobic Testing

Anaerobic Testing

To accurately determine baseline status in order to guide exercise prescription development and determine whether adaptations occur in response to the exercise training stimulus, one needs to be able to precisely measure the variables of interest. read more
Exercise Genomics

Exercise Genomics

The rapidly expanding field of exercise genomics advances our understanding of the preventive and therapeutic properties of exercise by increasing our knowledge about the physiology of exercise and human behavior. read more
 Scoop, or Combination, Block

Scoop, or Combination, Block

View a drill from Football Skills & Drills, Second Edition. read more
Day-to-day nutrition for healthy growth

Day-to-day nutrition for healthy growth

Because I counsel young athletes, I work with a lot of parents and families. Most parents have very specific questions about fueling for sports. They want to know what to eat before an event, how much to drink during a game, and what the best meal is for recovery. read more
Cultural Dance

Cultural Dance

Close your eyes. Visualize a traditional dance pose or step from a specific culture. Open your eyes and show it to your classmates. Ask them to identify the country by your demonstration of the pose or step. read more
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