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Professional Ethics and the Use of Punishment in Physical Activity Environments

Professional Ethics and the Use of Punishment in Physical Activity Environments

There are professionals and organizations who believe there must be an ethical consideration when manipulating participant or group behavior to perform, learn, reduce, or eliminate a behavior (see checklist 10.2). read more
Principles of Attack

Principles of Attack

The principles of attack will help a team in possession of the ball react to any situation during soccer. These principles apply regardless of the system of play and formation played by the team, and they will always apply, no matter how the game evolves. read more
Consider safety and rescue over a natural experience

Consider safety and rescue over a natural experience

When the water level is low, anyone can easily walk across the stream. In contrast, when the river swells during spring, traversing this same spot can be potentially dangerous, particularly for users who are not trained in crossing rivers. read more
The Value of Dance for Primary Children

The Value of Dance for Primary Children

Dance is a fundamental means of human expression. It requires no equipment apart from the body itself (the instrument) and a space in which to move (the medium). read more
Job Design

Job Design

It is not uncommon to hear people say the following things about their jobs: "A job is a job is a job." "I love my job." "My job is not a great one, but it pays well." "My job is like any other, but the people I work with are absolutely wonderful." "My job is okay, but my supervisor is intolerable." read more
The Need for Volunteerism

The Need for Volunteerism

North American societies are distinguished in part by the enormous contributions that volunteer workers make to national economies and social welfare (Moyer 1985). Historically, the tradition of volunteerism and community service in the United States began with the early settlers from Europe (Ellis and Noyes 1990). read more
Reward Systems

Reward Systems

As noted in chapter 13, one of the purposes of performance appraisal is administrative - specifically, to facilitate personnel decisions about salary, wages, merit pay, promotion, and similar rewards. Volunteers, of course, work for intrinsic rewards (see chapter 2), and paid workers may also seek and receive intrinsic rewards. read more
Sample stretches using the TRX Suspension Trainer™

Sample stretches using the TRX Suspension Trainer

Reaching Hip Flexor Stretch. Purpose: To stretch the hip flexor muscles. Prerequisite: No lower-body pain or injury. read more
The Body’s Fuel Sources

The Body’s Fuel Sources

Our ability to run, bicycle, ski, swim, and row hinges on the capacity of the body to extract energy from ingested food. read more
Types of Serves

Types of Serves

For many years only one technique was taught for the serve. Set your feet shoulder-width apart, point your front foot toward the target, put your racket hand and ball-tossing hand in front of you at waist height, start with your racket hand and ball-tossing hand going down together and up together, and do not move your back foot until you make contact with the ball and step into the court. read more
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