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Warm-Up Drills With Shooting help players prepare for practice

This is an excerpt from The Hockey Drill Book by Dave Chambers.

Warm-Up Drills With Shooting

The drills presented in this chapter are usually done at the beginning of practice to help the players—including the goalies—warm up and prepare for the rest of practice. Only one drill from this chapter should be needed per practice and it should usually follow a drill from chapter 2. The drills in this chapter include passing, skating, puckhandling, and shooting. They are also designed to give the goalies an opportunity to face a good number of shots to ensure that they are warmed up and prepared for the remainder of the practice.

For these drills, slap shots should be taken from no closer than the blue line. Slap shots from closer in can travel at speeds the goalie cannot react to, which can lead to injuries for the goalies. For shots closer to the goal, players should use wrist shots. Also, two-on-zero and three-on-zero drills should include only one or two passes inside the blue line to make the situations as gamelike as possible—in a game, only one or two passes are usually made inside the blue line before a shot is taken on goal. More passes than that only increases the likelihood of a turnover. Spend about five minutes of practice time on warm-up drills with shooting, and watch the players to make sure they are using correct techniques.

37 Shoot, One-Touch Pass, Next Shooter

  1. Player 1 skates with the puck and shoots, then turns and skates back to the same line, exchanging a one-touch pass with player 2.
  2. Player 2 repeats the drill.
  3. The drill is done at both ends.

38 Puck Exchange (With Stationary Player) and Shoot

  1. The player with the puck inside the blue line one-touch passes with the stationary player at the center circle.
  2. The player then loops toward the boards, takes a return pass from the stationary player, and shoots.

39 Agility, Pass, Shoot

  1. Player 1 skates to the corner, gets a puck, and passes to player 2.
  2. Player 1 skates to the blue line, pivots, skates backward to the center line, pivots again, and skates forward over the blue line.
  3. Player 1 then cuts in toward the net, receives a pass from player 2, and shoots.

40 Backward, One-Touch Pass, Pivot, Shoot

  1. Player 1 skates backward with the puck and one-touch passes with player 2.
  2. Player 1 then pivots, skates forward around the cone, and shoots.
  3. Player 3 starts the next sequence of the drill with player 4.
  4. The drill is done at both ends of the rink.

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