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Use the backhand drill to master your backhand

This is an excerpt from Tennis: Steps to Success edited by Jim Brown and Camille Soulier.

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Tennis: Steps to Success.

Backhand Drill 1
Backhand Setups (two players)

This drill is good for getting the feel of the backswing, whether one-handed or two-handed. Stand behind the service line in the middle of the court and have your partner toss 10 consecutive balls, bouncing them waist-high to your backhand (figure 2.7). The objective is to hit a return that lands inside the singles court.

To Increase Difficulty
  • Start the drill from the baseline.
  • Have your partner increase the pace of the setups.
  • Have your partner hit, rather than toss, the setups.
To Decrease Difficulty
  • Have your partner reduce the pace of the setups.
  • Start with the racket back.
  • Practice drop-and-hit backhands, with your partner dropping the ball on your backhand side.

Success Check

  • Focus on control, not power.
  • Use a horizontal or low-to-high swing.

Score Your Success

1 point for each successful backhand returned into the singles court

Your score: ___ out of 10

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Tennis-4th Edition

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Tennis-4th Edition

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