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Use an anxiety journal to help cope

This is an excerpt from Stress Management by Nanette E. Tummers.

Anxiety Journal

Using a journal to process anxious moments can help you pinpoint sources of anxiety and find tools to use to cope with them.


Find a quiet place. Take a few deep, centering breaths. Take a few minutes to reflect on how anxiety, fear, and worry play a role in your life right now and assess your reactivity to stressful events. Consider how these negative events affect your total health.


  1. In the first row of the journal table, describe the situation that is causing anxiety.
  2. Within each subsequent row, jot down ways these events affect you holistically and how you could use various emotion-based stress management tools to deal with the situation.


What specific actions could you take to accept and deal positively with these difficult events? Keep in mind the concept of an internal locus of control.

Set an intention with an action step to use one or more of the stress management tools when you are feeling anxious physically, emotionally or intellectually. I will _____________.

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Stress Management

Stress Management

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Stress Management

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