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Treat lateral knee pain and Iliotibial band tightness

This is an excerpt from Strap Taping for Sports and Rehabilitation by Anne Keil.

iliotibial band (ITB) Friction Syndrome


This technique is effective for treating lateral knee pain and ITB tightness.

Client’s Position

The client is lying or long sitting on a table.

Physical Therapist’s Position

The PT is standing, facing the affected leg.


Perform the ITB unloading test, similar to the pes anserinus unloading test but for the lateral knee (a).

Application Guidelines

1. The taping technique is similar to fat pad unloading, but the V is applied to the lateral knee above and below the lateral joint line, approximately 2 inches (5 cm) proximal on the femur and distal on the tibia (b).

2. An alternative technique is to use an unloading horizontal strip superior to the joint line and pulling posteriorly, similar to the pes anserinus unloading technique (c).

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