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Transition Competition Drill

This is an excerpt from Aggressive Volleyball by Pete Waite.

Purpose To teach players how to aggressively attack the block and to transition and score multiple times.
Goal For a hitter to score three consecutive times for 1 big point and earn 3 big points in order to win.
Equipment Needed Balls; Blockette.
• Challenge the outside hitters by putting a full defense around the Blockette. The coach hits a down ball to two passers. If it’s a 3-point pass, they stay; if not, the passer who received the ball rotates out. Setters rotate through after each hitter.
• Three outside hitters compete against each other to be the first to score 3 big points against the defense. As long as the hitter scores (or teammates cover the hitter and keep the blocked ball in play), the hitter stays in the drill. A hitter who errs or is dug must rotate out and run to the bleachers and then back to the end of the line. When his or her next turn comes around, the hitter tries to build on any points earned previously. The first player to win 3 big points wins and goes out, at which point you bring in a new hitter. The other two hitters remain in the drill to try again, and all three players start over with 0 points. If a player does not win after three rounds, he or she is automatically out. This drill can begin anywhere on the court; if performed on the left side first, do the same drill in the middle and on the right side.

Learn more about Aggressive Volleyball.

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