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Point drop

This is an excerpt from WBCA Offensive Plays & Strategies by Women’s Basketball Coaches Association.

Point Drop

Jeff Walz



To set a ball screen for the off-guard so she can attack or kick out to the point guard coming off a double screen.

When to Use

When defenders are switching on ball screens, creating a mismatch.When a defense becomes complacent about communicating and fighting through and helping on screens.

Key Personnel

The point guard should have a good perimeter game, including the ability to knock down an open three. The 2 player should be able to drive and pull up in the lane as needed. The 3 and 5 players are used more as role players, but the 3 should be able to knock down the three-shot or a jumper from the baseline. The 4 should be proficient at the pick-and-roll.


  1. 1 passes to 2 and then cuts to block off a screen from 4. 3 and 5 drop to get into position to set a double screen (figure 1).
  2. As 2 dribbles off a ball screen by 4, 1 uses a double screen by 3 and 5 to get to the opposite wing, with 3 popping out to the corner and 5 posting up (figure 2).
  3. 2 looks to attack while 4 rolls to the block looking for a pass (figure 3).


A variation depends on the play of the opposing point guard. At times, after a pass, the defense will become complacent. In this case, a give-and-go could open up between 1 and 2 after the initial pass. 1 could also fake going off the double screen and roll back to post her defender.After 2 comes off the screen, the defense might try to hedge and help, so if the post pops out and switches, she’ll have a good seal on the roll.

Points of Emphasis

Players sometimes lack the intensity to follow through with a play and execute it, especially if the play wasn’t originally designed for them. This could be one of those plays, but with solid screens, hard cuts, and crisp passes, almost anyone on the court could wind up with an open look at the basket.

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