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Indoor, limited-space games

This is an excerpt from Schoolwide Physical Activity by Judith Rink, Tina Hall, and Lori Williams


Additional Game Opportunities

The ideas discussed thus far have related primarily to games played outdoors that have the main objective of physical activity. There are situations in which inclement weather or time does not permit a quality outdoor game experience. In these cases there are games that can be played indoors. Games may also be used in the elementary school to fulfill other objectives, including teaching cooperative skills and enhancing academics.

Indoor Games

When indoor games are played, often physical activity is at a minimum. That does not always have to be the case. However, be careful not to jeopardize the safety of the students by promoting movement in small spaces that are not conducive to this type of activity. It may be necessary to move desks and other obstructions in the room and to select equipment that is better for indoors, such as balloons, beach balls, yarn balls, or paper balls. When selecting indoor games, adhere to as many of the practices discussed in this chapter as possible. Figure 7.7 includes two examples of games that can be played in limited indoor areas. More examples are available on the CD-ROM.

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The above excerpt is from:

Schoolwide Physical Activity

Schoolwide Physical Activity


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Schoolwide Physical Activity

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