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Hams and glutes strengthening and stretching

This is an excerpt from Fitness and Wellness by Carol K. Armbruster, PhD, Ellen M. Evans, PhD, Catherine M. Laughlin, HSD, MPH.

Body Weight

Lie on your belly and extend the hip 10 to 30 degrees, keeping the hip bone on the ground, and then flex the knee 90 degrees to maximize strengthening.

Neuromotor training: Stand on one leg, extend the hip, and flex the knee; add a band around the ankle for increased resistance.

Body Weight

Variable Resistance Machine

Options are standing hamstring curl and prone hamstring curl machines. Read placards carefully since there are many adjustments to make on both of these machines.

Variable Resistance Machine

Free Weights

Perform a squat lifting a barbell while simultaneously extending at the hips and knees. Maintain a neutral spine throughout the entire movement and lift the bar using the hamstrings and glutes.

Neuromotor training: Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in one hand and extend the opposite leg behind you; slightly bend the standing knee and raise the weight back up. Progress to using the arm on the same side as the extending leg.

Free Weights


For the standing hamstring stretch, bend one knee and extend the other leg in front of you. Put all your weight on the bent knee, relaxing the straight leg. Tilt your hips backward to lengthen the hamstring muscle and keep the spine in line.

For the hamstring and gluteus maximus stretch, lie on your back and grasp the thigh of the raised leg with both hands. Keeping the knee of the opposite leg flexed, relax both the leg in your hands and your head on the ground.


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Fitness and Wellness With Web Study Guide

Fitness and Wellness With Web Study Guide

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Fitness and Wellness With Web Study Guide

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