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Goalie Drills

This is an excerpt from The Hockey Drill Book by Dave Chambers.

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The Hockey Drill Book.

Goalie Drills

This chapter includes drills designed to help goalies develop the skills they need, such as the ability to react to various types of shots, agility movements, the use of the stick, and the use of the blocker and catcher glove.

These drills emphasize goalie skating movements such as moving side to side, in and out, and down and up. Movements such as skate save, half splits, full splits, double-leg slide, and use of the blocker and catching gloves are covered. Stopping the puck behind the net, passing and handling the puck, and the use of the poke check are incorporated in the drills in this chapter. Most shooting drills are also excellent for forwards.

316 Three-Puck Shooting

  1. Each player has three pucks.
  2. Forward 1 shoots three pucks, then forward 2 shoots three pucks, followed by forward 3, defenseman 1, and then defenseman 2.
  3. The goalie reacts to the different directions and change of position in the shots.


Players shoot one puck each time, going in the same order, until each player has shot three pucks.

317 Semicircle Shoot

  1. The players are in a semicircle inside the blue line, and they shoot in succession starting from one side.
  2. Next, the players alternate, with a player shooting from one side, and then a player shooting from the other side.
  3. The players then move in six feet and repeat the same sequence.
  4. After shooting, the players move in the same distance again and repeat the sequence.

318 Pass or Shoot

  1. Forward 1 starts with the puck and either shoots or passes to forward 2, who then shoots.
  2. The goalie starts on the side of forward 1.
  3. Forward 1 and forward 2 are stationary when the drill starts.

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