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Free-Man Dropout

This is an excerpt from Coaching Youth Football, Sixth Edition by Joe Galat and American Youth Football.

Three defenders line up over three offensive linemen, and another defender is positioned outside the blind side of the quarterback - the offense’s left if the quarterback is a right hander, or the offense’s right if the quarterback is a left hander. The coach will instruct one of the three lined-up defenders to drop back off the line of scrimmage. The offensive lineman who does not have his defender rushing will slide out to the free pass rusher on the blind side. If another defender breaks free while the blocker is on his way to the blind-side rusher, the blocker must block the defender who breaks free. Blockers should never let a rusher cross their face, giving the rusher a short route to the quarterback. If blockers cannot contain the rusher, they should make sure that the rusher has to take the long way around them.

This drill teaches teamwork among the offensive linemen. They also learn to shuffle quickly to the blind side in order to ensure added protection of the quarterback.

Zone Blocking

Players divide into groups of four with two offensive linemen, one defensive lineman, and one linebacker as shown in the diagram. The two offensive linemen block the defensive lineman. To start the block, the offensive lineman who is directly in front of the defensive lineman uses the inside shoulder, arm, and hand; and the second blocker uses the shoulder, arm, and hand nearest the defensive lineman. Based on the linebacker’s and defensive lineman’s movement, one offensive lineman comes off the defensive lineman’s block to ensure that both the linebacker and the defensive lineman are blocked effectively.


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The above excerpt is from:

Coaching Youth Football-6th Edition

Coaching Youth Football-6th Edition

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Coaching Youth Football-6th Edition

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