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Fall and winter games to warm up on a cold day

Fall Frenzy


To complete the various fall activities


Any number


Construction paper

A pair of gloves



The setup depends on the activity.


Leaf Cutouts

  1. Have every player make a leaf-shaped cutout with an activity written on it (e.g., jumping jacks, wall sit, toe touches).
  2. Have everyone stand in a circle around the classroom. The students pass the leaves around until you say, “Stop.” The players must then do the activity on the card they are holding until you say, “Pass.” The students pass the leaves around the circle again.

Pumpkin Tag (played outside)

Play frozen tag. When a player is tagged, she must make the shape of a pumpkin. Give two or three players magic gloves that can touch pumpkins to activate them again.

Turkey Trot (played outside)

  1. Divide the class into teams of five, and have every team line up.
  2. The line begins to move about the playing area, walking in file formation. The last one in line runs to the front and becomes the leader as the line continues to move. When he gets to the front, he yells, “Go turkey!” or “Gobble gobble.” The player at the back now runs to the front and becomes the new leader. The line continues to move, and the leader continues to change. Before long, the teams are constantly running.


Yell out an activity for the class to do. When you yell, “Scarecrow,” the players must stand like a scarecrow until you tell them what the next activity is.

Pumpkin Pass

Play the same game as Leaf Cutouts with pumpkin cutouts or orange balloons.

Celebrate Winter


To complete the various winter activities


Any number


Recycled paper



The setup depends on the activity.


Choose a different activity to do each day of the week to celebrate winter.

Snowball Storm

  1. Divide the class and the classroom in half. Crumple recycled paper into balls.
  2. On the signal to begin, each team throws “snowballs” onto the other team’s half. Each team works to keep its own side clean. The team with fewer balls on its half of the room at the end of the game wins.
  3. When finished playing, work together to clean up. Flatten the paper and return it to the recycling bin.

Winter Circuit

Set up the classroom with a variety of stations, and have players spend a minute at every station.

  • Poinsettia Push-Ups
  • Jingle Bell Jog on the Spot
  • Snowflake Jump (jumping jacks)
  • Ski Jumps (side to side)
  • Candy Cane Kick (can-can)

Snowball Shuffle

  1. Divide the class into two teams. Have each team form a conveyor belt by lying down so that one person’s head and hands are by another person’s feet.
  2. Pile recycled paper “snowballs” at one end of each line.
  3. Players move balls from one end of the line to the other by taking the ball in their hands, sitting up, putting it by their feet for the next person in line, and going back down for the next ball.
  4. Teams work together to try to be the fastest to get all the balls to the other end.
  5. Variation: Do it backward.

Winter Spelling

  1. As you call out winter words (e.g., snow, snowflake, winter, cold, ski, skate), players try to form each letter with their bodies.
  2. For consonants, players attempt to make their bodies into the shape of the letter.

This is an excerpt from Everybody Move, Second Edition.

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