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Explosive power drills for soccer

By Greg Gatz

Explosive Power Drills

This section offers recommendations for soccer power drills. Most of these drills can be done on the field or in an indoor facility (agility room, gymnasium). Make sure the landing area is clear of debris or unsafe obstacles. The surface should yield to the impact of your body. Your training attire should give you freedom of movement and be nonrestricting, and your shoes should be slip resistant.

Rope Jumping

Two-foot jumps. Turn the rope while jumping with both feet, using mostly the ankle and foot. The rope can be turned both forward and backward. Jump for quickness rather than height.
Single-leg jumps. Use the same technique as for the two-foot jumps but with one foot. Transition the jumps to the opposite foot without stopping.
Shuffle jumps. As you turn the rope, alternate shuffle steps both forward and backward and in and out.
High-knee running. Run in place with your knees up high. This should have a quick tempo.
Combos. Combine several different jumps, steps, and tempos to increase the intensity.

Stability Hops With Landing Emphasis

Single-leg stability hops (vertical). Jump off both feet and land on your right or left foot, sticking the ground softly. Repeat the jump using both legs to take off. Increase the intensity by increasing the jumping height. Hold the landing for 3 to 5 seconds.
Single-leg stability hops (horizontal). Start on one foot and hop out, landing on the same foot. Stick the landing softly. Use multiple directions to move down the floor or field (forward, backward, laterally, and diagonally).
Two-foot stability jumps (vertical). Jump off two feet as high as possible and land as softly as possible. Stick and hold the landing.
Two-foot stability jumps (horizontal). Move down the field by explosively jumping for distance. Hold the landing and stabilize.


Squat jumps. Load your hips and legs and quickly extend vertically. Your arms will extend overhead at the height of the jump. Repeat as you land in a quick, reactive response into the next jump. Increase the intensity by taking your arms out of the jump (place them on your hips or behind your head). Tuck jumps. Jump using the same technique as the squat jump and bring your knees as close as possible to your chest while in the air.

Multidirectional Hurdle Jumps

Use hurdles of various heights (12, 18, 21, or 24 in., or 30, 45, 53, or 60 cm) and set them 3 feet (90 cm) apart in a row, alternating between facing forward and facing to the side. Jump over the hurdles while bringing your knees up toward your chest. Land softly and begin the next jump as quickly as possible, eliminating a long ground contact time. Hold each landing in a squat position for 2 to 4 seconds or add a 180-degree or rotational turn to increase the intensity of the drill.

This is an excerpt from Complete Conditioning for Soccer.


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