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What does the evidence say about sport education?

This is an excerpt from Complete Guide to Sport Education, Second Edition by Daryl Siedentop, Peter Hastie, Hans Van Der Mars.

Kinchin (2006) completed one of the most thorough reviews of published research on Sport Education. The specific student outcomes noted in these 50 studies were as follows.

  • Students preferred Sport Education over their previous physical education experiences, and students who first experienced Sport Education reported that they hoped their teacher would continue to use the model.
  • General increases in student enthusiasm were reported across a variety of Sport Education settings.
  • Both boys and girls reported that they worked harder in Sport Education.
  • Teachers reported that students had better attendance, were more appropriately dressed for activity, and were less likely to avoid participation.
  • Students liked the longer Sport Education seasons because they had more time to learn the activity, more time to play it, and more time to be with teammates.
  • Students expressed loyalty to their teams and didn’t want to let their teammates down.
  • Lower-skilled students reported appreciation for teammates who encouraged and supported their development.
  • Lower-skilled students seemed to particularly benefit from their Sport Education experiences.
  • Girls tended to gain confidence and be more willing to participate.
  • Most students reported that they had improved in terms of developing better techniques and applying tactics.

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Complete Guide to Sport Education With Online Resources-2nd Edition

Complete Guide to Sport Education With Online Resources-2nd Edition

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Complete Guide to Sport Education With Online Resources-2nd Edition

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