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Control their momentum in the quick stops in freeze

This is an excerpt from Secrets to Success in Sport & Play by Marianne Torbert


Body control is key to every sport and can be improved through play. The game Freeze will help players develop body control.


Equipment Needed



Mechanical Principles Being Practiced

  • Balance control when making quick stops and maintaining a challenging position
  • Absorbing or controlling force
  • Kinesthetic awareness of a loss of balance (this awareness can occur in time to avoid a fall by readjusting the center of gravity over the base of support)


The players begin to move, slowly at first. Each player challenges himself with different movements. As the game progresses, the players are encouraged to increase activity and the type of movements they are using. At the signal “freeze,” all players try to become immediately still and hold the frozen position until “melt” is called, at which time they begin to move


  • Have players do this activity in slow motion. This makes balance more difficult.
  • Have players do the activity with partners; one moves in slow motion, while the other calls the signals of “freeze” and “melt.”
  • Play music. When the music stops, the players freeze. “Melt” occurs when the music begins again.
  • Call out the following challenge for any player who wishes to accept it: “Can you hold your position with one or both eyes closed?” This increases the balance challenge and kinesthetic awareness.

Comments and Suggestions

  • Body control and balance are important skills in play, sports, and life.
  • If the playing area is small, Freeze can be played without players moving from their spot or personal space. Encourage players to take difficult balance positions, including balancing on one foot. They should be sure not to favor one foot.

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The above excerpt is from:

Secrets to Success in Sport & Play-2nd Edition

Secrets to Success in Sport & Play-2nd Edition

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Secrets to Success in Sport & Play-2nd Edition

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