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Knight, Sample Page 131
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Specific Injury Assessment and Diagnosis
Knight, Sample Page 137-139
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Ankle Injury Assessment and Diagnosis
Knight, Sample pages 323-327
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Appendix of NATA Competencies Embedded in Modules
Knight, Sample Pg 8
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Example of the modular format to testing competencies.
Making Muscles Lesson Plan
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View a sample lesson plan from Physical Best Activity Guide, Third Edition: Elementary Level.
Pete Pfitzinger webinar slides
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Pete Pfitzinger webinar slides form the January 2012 presentation on Marathon Training
Postural Assessment
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Jane Johnson provides an introduction to postural assessment in International Therapist.
Raising the Bar Webinar: Strength Training in Water
Raising the Bar Webinar: Strength Training in Water
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View the PowerPoint slides for the Strength Training in Water webinar presented by Christine Alexander
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The Impact of Concussions on High School Athletes
Using the Cultural Competence text across the athletic training curriculum
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This download is a useful guide/outline to show how to integrate this text into your program, ensuring students from your institution are learning to respect cultural differences when treating athletes.
Warm-Up Station Sign
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View an example of the warm-up station signs for elementary students.

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