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The leading periodical publisher in the physical activity field. It produces more than 25 scholarly and professional journals.

Mission: To provide scholars with the most current and innovative research and to provide professionals with cutting-edge knowledge that enables them to to do their jobs more effectively.

Our Journal Division provides a steady stream of cutting-edge information in the field of physical activity.

For 40 years, the Human Kinetics Journal division has been the leader in providing periodicals dealing with physical activity. Positive partnerships have been formed with various scholarly and professional associations around the world to produce their journals, and new publications have been created to respond to the needs of the physical activity field.

Today, we produce over 25 scholarly and professional publications spanning almost as many fields and professions. Our scholarly journals provide the latest research, and our professional publications offer practical information on applying that research. These publications are accurate, attractive, and affordable. They have widely recognized and respected editors and undergo rigorous editorial scrutiny to ensure that readers receive the information they need clearly and accurately.

With just a click, anyone can access the journals’ tables of contents and abstracts through Human Kinetics’ Web site. The full content of all our journals, including back issues, is also available to subscribers through our Web site. And this is just the beginning. We will be focusing on delivering more journal information electronically.

The Journal Division’s solid record of leadership in the physical activity field and the partnerships forged with organizations within and outside of the field will position it well as newer and faster means of distribution continue to develop.

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