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The leader in publishing textbooks and reference books that meet the needs of scientists, scholars, and professionals interested in all dimensions of physical activity and sport.

Mission: To publish books and electronic documents that meet the needs of scientists, scholars, and professionals interested in all dimensions of physical activity and sport.

"Human Kinetics is committed to publishing the most accurate scientific and professional information by the leading authorities around the world for every aspect of the physical activity and sport field."
Rainer Martens, PhD
President, Human Kinetics

When Human Kinetics (HK) began in 1974, the leading publishers of the day published only major textbooks for college courses. HK began publishing physical activity reference books and proceedings in scholarly subject areas to fill that information gap. Today HK publishes more texts and reference books than any other publisher by far. The quest to offer the most authoritative and current information has resulted in a list of distinguished authors representing every continent.

As the field of kinesiology developed new subdisciplines over the past 25 years, the Higher Education and Professional Division met—and often led—the growing need for new information in biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor behavior, sport psychology, and sport sociology. In addition to producing information to meet the needs of the growing subdisciplines, the Higher Education and Professional Division has ensured that HK is a trusted source of current knowledge and practice for such professions as sport management, athletic training, health promotion, cardiac rehabilitation, and activity instruction. The Higher Education and Professional Division’s booklist now includes more than 400 titles.

We are proud to publish for many societies and associations in our field, including AACVPR, ACSM, CDC, NATA, and NSCA. These publications often provide the leading guidelines and standards for professional practice.

The Higher Education and Professional Division strives to have the best textbooks for every college and university course and to support these texts with electronic ancillaries. For major courses, we develop online student study guides that complement the educational experience provided in the texts. For courses of various sizes, we are providing electronic instructor guides, test banks, PowerPoint slides, and Web site support. Our texts are used around the world; increasingly we are publishing texts that meet the specific needs of colleges and universities in other English-speaking countries.

Technology, especially the Internet, is redefining our professional communities and the ways we share information. Working side by side with our many professional allies, we will continue to seek out and publish authoritative references in a variety of formats and make them immediately accessible to scientists, educators, and professionals worldwide. In doing so, Human Kinetics remains uniquely positioned to anticipate and meet the needs of the physical activity field as it matures and evolves.

Higher Education and Professional Division Best Sellers

Higher Education and Professional Division Subject Areas

  • Aging and physical activity
  • Anatomy
  • Anthropometry and body composition
  • Athletic training and sport rehabilitation
  • Biomechanics of exercise and sport
  • Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Ergonomics and human factors
  • Health and fitness assessment, instruction, and program management
  • Health and physical activity promotion
  • History of sport
  • Kinesiology (physical activity)
  • Massage therapy
  • Medicine in exercise and sport
  • Motor behavior, growth, and development
  • Nutrition and physical activity
  • Personal training
  • Pharmacology in exercise and sport
  • Philosophy of sport
  • Physical therapy
  • Physiology of exercise and sport
  • Psychology of exercise and sport
  • Research methods, measurement, and evaluation in physical activity
  • Sociocultural issues in sport
  • Social science of sport
  • Sport law
  • Sport management and marketing
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Stretching and flexibility training
  • Women and physical activity

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