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Student Journals

Student Journal handouts can be used to record personal observations for each exercise in the book. It’s important to take time to record ideas and insights. An idea can appear and disappear in a heartbeat; journal entries help in recording and organizing those thoughts. You can use the journal after class to summarize the experience or during the week as a way of staying connected to the creative process. Written notes may be in point form or full sentences. There’s even room to draw.


Rubrics aid in assessment and promote self-discovery, self-discipline, self-motivation, and self-awareness. For the majority of the exercises, students can use or be assessed with the use of the General Rubric. There are also rubrics for each culminating dance project.

Self Evaluations

Self evaluations contain questions that students can answer to evaluate themselves for each culminating dance project.


This section contains color photographs of the artwork from part I of the book. These will help the viewer to see detail and variations within the artwork more clearly than might be possible in the black and white photos of the book.

Instructions on Creating Computer-Assisted Music

This is a manual written by Barry Prophet that guides the user to create music using Audacity, freeware available on the Internet from This manual is used with the culminating dance project at the end of Part II of the book.

Human Kinetics cannot offer support for the Audacity product. If you need assistance using the Audacity software, you must contact Audacity directly.


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