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Human Kinetics is proud to work with leading experts in the physical activity and health fields to provide high-quality continuing education resources for professionals and students. Click on the author names below for a listing of their respective products. On each product page, you will find the author’s biography.


If you are interested in becoming an author for a Human Kinetics-DSWFitness continuing education course, please send ideas and inquiries to  




Aaronson, Naomi  

Lee, Machelle

Abdulaziz Feeney, Hana  

Lilyquist, Karen

Accetta, Randy

Lohman, Timothy

Albrecht, Anna

Macbeth, Lynn

Andrews, Ryan

Maloney-Hills, Cathy

Anthony, Lenita

Marcus, Bess H.

Baechle, Thomas

Maurer Abbot, Jackie

Balzarini, Doug

Mcbrearty, Madeleine

Behnke, Robert

McEntee, Anna Shay

Bovre, Susan

McGill, Stuart

Brannon, Carol

Metcalfe, Lauve

Brooks, Douglas

Mullins, Veronica

Carroll, Tracy

Myers Smith, Carrie

Chek, Paul

Mylrea, Mindy

Clairmont, Mary Anne

Nelson, Suzanne A.

Clark, Janie

Omichinski, Linda

Coleman, Ellen

Paley, Jayah Faye

Copeland Brooks, Candice

Petersen, Tammy

Cram, Catherine

Peterson, Christopher

Dobson, Brenda

Piazza, Gina

Durkin, Todd

Radcliffe, James

Ellenbecker, Todd

Rice, Rochelle

Farentinos, Robert

Richley Geigle, Paula

Farrell, Vanessa A.

Rikli, Roberta E.

Forsyth, Leighann H.

Rochford, Tim

Friedrich, Liz

Roetert, E. Paul

Gavin, Jim

Rose, Debra

Going, Scott

Sanders, Mary E.

Graddy, Jenny

Santana, Juan Carlos

Gustafson, Nancy

Schwartz, Anna

Hoffman, Fred

Seabourne, Tom

Holmes, Tyrone A.

Seebohar, Bob

Houtkooper, Linda

Sheremeta, Sharon Peachey

Hughes, Erin

Shipley, Kala

Hyatt, Gwen

Smith, Carolyn

Jones, C. Jessie

Thein Brody, Lori

Karp, Jason R.

Vanderburg, Helen

Kaselj, Rick

Vella, Chantal

Kay-Getzinger, Leslie

Weiler, LindaChristy

Keagy, Susan Radford

Wenneborg, Greg

Kline, Dale Ames

Westcott, Wayne

Knopf, Karl

Whitlatch, Shelley

Kravitz, Len

Winant, Don McKay

Kruse, David

Winningham, Robert

Lam, Paul

Wolfe, Lisa

Larson, Jeff

Xydis, Kathleen

Larson-Meyer, D. Enette


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