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Searching for ways to make a positive impact on the world today? Consider a career with Human Kinetics.

Every day at Human Kinetics, we create information products to help people develop healthier lifestyles through physical activity and improved nutrition. Over the years, we've published over 500 textbooks and references that educate students from kindergarten through university. In addition, we've produced numerous consumer books and videos to help people get fit and become more skilled in sports. We've also trained and advised over one million sport coaches. We constantly strive to make the best products using the most current electronic production and delivery technology available.

We attribute our growth and success to the people of Human Kinetics and strive to provide a work environment that encourages healthy living and a balance between work and life.

We offer complete health and benefit programs in a cafeteria-style environment so you can tailor your benefits package to meet your individual needs. Benefit options include ownership in the company; health, dental, and vision insurance; flexible spending accounts; 401K savings plan; and the freedom to apply HK allocated benefit dollars (or personal funds) toward the purchase of additional vacation time.

Our main facility in Champaign includes indoor and outdoor basketball courts, an outdoor tennis court, and a fitness club. Employees are encouraged to use these amenities before, during, and after work. We have an on-site cafeteria that serves healthy and tasty meals each morning and afternoon. In addition, two nights a week, you can take dinner home for you and your family. The cafeteria is subsidized so cost is about the same as you would pay for the ingredients of the meal (without the work!).

Worldwide Diversity Statement

Our effectiveness at recognizing and developing the talents of people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives is the key to our competitive edge.

Valuing diversity in our workforce is at the core of HK's values.
We expect the highest levels of performance and integrity from ourselves and each other. We work to create an environment where people are valued as individuals and team members and treated with respect, dignity and fairness. We strive to create opportunities for HK staff to develop and reach their full potential and to achieve their professional and personal goals.

It takes every HK employee to create an environment that promotes inclusiveness.
An inclusive environment recognizes the requirements of the business, respects the individual, and values the contributions of people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Each of us must work toward the establishment of an inclusive environment throughout HK.

We can do this by recruiting, developing, retaining and promoting qualified people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. HK staff at all levels must have the opportunity to participate in our businesses to the extent of their ability. To maintain this inclusive culture, our processes for recruitment, development, retention and promotion must be appropriate for a diverse workforce.

A diverse workforce in one country may be very different from a diverse workforce in another. All regions and businesses must understand their unique needs and develop appropriate strategies to create an inclusive work environment. In addition, each of us must continually communicate our desire for a diverse workforce and show by our actions that we truly value diversity.

HK employees with a passion for winning, who demonstrate individual performance and achievement, team contribution and collaboration, and the desire to learn and grow will have the best opportunity for success in our environment.

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