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Your initial coaching assignment may be difficult. Like many volunteers, you may not know everything there is to know about baseball or about how to work with children.
Mandate that runners go two bases on all singles to the outfield. This directive promotes quick reads and potentially more runs, whereas delayed reads result in only one-base advancement and no runs.
Before we delve into the nuts and bolts of lower-body mechanics, be sure to note that the lower body—feet, legs, and hips—is directly responsible for the creation of momentum in the delivery.
Too often in American popular media, the primary focus of core exercise is placed on potential aesthetic benefits, such as “six-pack abs.” People should instead focus on the potential functional or sport performance benefits of core exercise.
While most exercise machines are expensive and can typically be used in performing only one exercise, dumbbells are relatively cheap and adaptable to a huge range of exercises. Former U.S. Olympic strength and conditioning coach Allen Hedrick says that nearly every barbell exercise you can think of can be performed with dumbbells.
Over the past two decades, plyometric training has become a staple of informed sport conditioning programs everywhere. Now Dr. Donald Chu, one of the pioneers of research-supported plyometric training, says plyometrics can also prepare the athletes of tomorrow for success.

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