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Author Post-Publication Questionnaire

We value all author comments and strive to make the publishing process an enjoyable one that results in an excellent finished product. Thank you very much for taking time to complete this questionnaire. Please complete and submit this questionnaire within 3 weeks.

Author/Editor Name(s):
Book Title:
Evaluate how we interacted with you during the precontract review and during the acquisition process (i.e., proposal submission, proposal review, and contracting stages).
Additional Comments
Were you kept adequately informed of the progress of your book after submitting your manuscript to us?
Additional Comments:
Please evaluate the communications with your developmental editor during the editorial process and the quality of his or her editing.
Additional Comments:
Please evaluate the quality of work from the copyeditor of your manuscript. How well did the copyeditor (CE) clarify and streamline your ideas? Were the CE’s queries and suggestions helpful?
Additional Comments:
If you were consulted about any permission-related issues, were you satisfied with the quality of our communication about them and the manner in which they were resolved?
Additional Comments
Did you get adequate instruction about how to complete the tasks required of you during the publication process?
If no, please describe what was unclear about the process.
With what you know about the publishing process, how satisfied were you with the time taken to produce your book?
Additional Comments:
If any part of the process took longer than you expected, please note that here.
Please evaluate the quality of your book’s physical appearance. Are you satisfied with the art, photos, design, and layout? What do you like or dislike about it? Did you have adequate opportunity to express your wishes?
Additional Comments:
How satisfied are you with the cover design? What do you like or dislike about it?
Additional Comments:
How satisfied are you with the communication and efforts from our marketing and publicity staff? What could be done to promote the book more fully?
Additional Comments:
Do you have any questions about the initial marketing/sales plans for your book as we've communicated them to you?
Additional Comments/Questions:
Do you have any additional suggestions for promoting your book at this time, beyond the information you provided on the Author Marketing Questionnaire? As a reminder, please alert us to any events you're involved in that may provide opportunities to promote your book, such as conference presentations, receiving an award, etc. Please contact your marketing associate to convey this kind of information.
If you write another book, will you publish with HK? If yes, why? If no, why not?
Additional Comments:
What do you think we did well?
What do you think we did poorly? Please explain. What recommendations do you have for us to improve our work with authors?
Other comments. If you have comments not already addressed, please add them here.
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