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Active Aging Today- 2nd Issue Now Available

Check out the next and exciting information in the 2nd issue of Active Aging Today.

September/ October 2009, Volume 1, Issue 2

Click here for more information about Active Aging Today or to submit an article.

Articles and Links

In our interview, Rutgers University’s Emily Greenfield, PhD, discusses the impact of community group participation on psychological well-being during the transition to functional impairment.

In each issue of AAT, you’ll find these features:

  • Features present in-depth pieces that cover a wide variety of topics of interest to practitioners.
  • Reach shows how practitioners have recruited participants, instructors, and other professionals to be involved in exercise programs.
  • Effectiveness highlights programs that have been proven to work, whether in research settings or more large-scale applications.
  • Face to Face offers interviews with practitioners, researchers, and older adults about what they do and how their programs operate.
  • Special Populations presents programs designed to help people with diseases and disabilities and details special considerations of the population.
  • Research to Practice explores how people have translated research into successful community practice.
  • World Report discusses initiatives related to aging and physical activity across the globe.

Editor’s Note by Michael E. Rogers, PhD
Active Aging Today combines multimedia elements and practical print information. Could your program or practice be showcased in a multimedia format? Find out how to get involved.

Translating Functional Training Research into Practice, Part 2, by Cody Sipe, PhD
This second article in a two-part series, examines the current functional training literature as it pertains to older adults and makes practical recommendations for exercise professionals.

The EASY: A Practical and Useful Approach to Screening for Physical Activity, by Barbara Resnick, PhD; Marcia G. Ory, PhD; et al
The Exercise/Physical Activity and Screening for You (the EASY) can be used independently by older individuals or completed with their health care providers.

Television Causes Seniors to Move More by Marijke Hopman-Rock, PhD
In the Netherlands, frail and housebound adults can count on one program for their daily exercise.

Volunteering Can Buffer Adults Against the Harmful Psychological Effects of Developing Functional Limitations by Emily Greenfield, PhD
In an audio interview, Rutgers University’s Emily Greenfield, PhD, discusses the impact of community participation on psychological well-being and functional impairment.

Yoko Holcombe, group exercise instructor in Big Canoe, Georgia
This dynamic fitness instructor and trainer motivates clients from all walks of life.


Exercise for People with Diabetes by Phil Page, PT, ATC, CSCS
This article presents a well-rounded physical activity plan that can help patients manage the disease.


Implementing the Otago Exercise Program by Dawn Skelton, PhD; Susie Dinan-Young, MS; and Cody Sipe, PhD
By following the Otago Exercise Program, older adults can improve strength, flexibility, and balance.

South Korea by Chae-Hee Park, PhD
The percentage of residents aged 65 and older is expected to grow to 20% by 2020

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