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AEA Certification Prep online course

Aquatic Exercise Association

Copyright 2007 

ISBN: 0736068120
ISBN13: 9780736068123 

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For the first time ever, those wishing to be certified by the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) as aquatic fitness professionals can prepare for the Aquatic Fitness Professional Certification Examination by studying online. The AEA Certification Prep online course is a highly interactive learning tool that will guide students through every topic on the exam.


This online course, designed in cooperation with the AEA, is an engaging, thorough, and interactive learning experience designed to help students comprehend the material being presented. The online delivery of this course gives students the comfort and convenience of learning in their own homes or offices at their own pace. This course mirrors the material in the Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual and allows students to revisit each course unit as many times as they wish to ensure mastery of the subject.


Julie See, president of the AEA and one of the leading professionals in the aquatic exercise field, acts as the virtual mentor and leads students through the course. The 16 units of the course cover the key components of the Aquatic Fitness Professional Certification Examination, including a deep-water unit for those wishing to take the Aquatic Fitness Professional Deep Module Examination. Video and audio clips are used throughout the course, most notably in the choreography section, which features underwater photography to help students fully understand the steps of each exercise.


Students will take a pretest at the beginning of the course to diagnose areas on which they should focus as they complete the course. At the end of the course, they will take a posttest to measure their mastery of the subject. This posttest is not the actual certification examination, but it is designed specifically to prepare students for that examination. The questions are formatted to prepare students for the style of the test, and the results of this posttest will allow students to focus on areas of weakness that require additional preparation.


The AEA Certification Prep online course makes it easier than ever to fully prepare for one of the most rigorous certification exams in the aquatic exercise field. The online delivery of this learning tool saves time and money, enables interaction with the material, and enhances the learning experience. Developed in cooperation with the AEA and featuring one of the leaders in the field as a virtual mentor, this online course is the perfect way to prepare for the Aquatic Fitness Professional Certification Examination.



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