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Top-rated exercise physiology text now features animations

Art animations, available both as a stand-alone instructor resource and as part of the web study guide, bring 18 images and figures from the text to life, providing a dynamic new way to experience course material. Instructors will be able to stream all animations in a single playlist, or access individually to allow display of a specific graphic. View the video below for a sample of these animations.


List of Animations

  • Excitation–Contraction Coupling
  • Structure and Function of a Sarcomere
  • Contractile Cycle Within a Sarcomere
  • ATP Formation in a Typical Metabolic Pathway
  • Sensory-Motor Integration
  • Mechanism of Action of a Typical Steroid Hormone
  • Mechanism of Action of a Nonsteroid Hormone
  • ADH and Conservation of Body Fluid
  • The Renin–Angiotensin-Aldosterone Mechanism
  • Oxygen Deficit and EPOC
  • Blood Flow Through the Human Heart
  • The Muscle Pump
  • Partial Pressures of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide in the Blood
  • Regulation of Breathing
  • Integrated Cardiovascular Response to Exercise
  • Role of Hypothalamus in Controlling Body Temperature
  • Warming of Inspired Air
  • Partial Pressures of Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide at Altitude

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Physiology of Sport and Exercise Web Study Guide-5th Edition

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