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Four-Corner Flip (Four Man)

An excerpt from Gold Glove Baseball By Mike Maack

Four middle infielders position about 12 feet apart in a four-cornered box (figure 8.14). The distance may vary, depending on the age and size of the players. Player 1 has a baseball. He begins the drill by executing a flip to player 2. Player 2 has his hands up, ready to receive the feed. After he receives the throw, he repeats the flip to player 3. Each player executes quick feet and smooth hand–glove separation when making his flip. This drill moves fast, allowing for many repetitions in a short time.

Emphasize these points during the drill:
• The receiver has his hands up.
• Players use proper footwork.
• The wrist remains stiff so the ball is delivered firmly.
• Players gain ground as they flip.
• Make sure the infielder follows the flip.
• Players must be vocal and call out “flip!”

• Use two balls. Player 1 and player 3 begin with one ball each.
• Time the drill for quickness. How many flips can be executed properly in 1
• Compete with another group.

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