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Older Adults Struggle to Find Jobs

A study by Boston College’s Sloan Center on Aging and Work has found that finding employment at an older age is much more difficult than finding a job as a younger adult. The “New Unemployables” study shows how adults 55 years of age and older are having an increasingly difficult time obtaining work. This study was based on a random sample of 900 unemployed older adults and also shows how older adults have begun to change their retirement plans and take money from their savings accounts just to support themselves. Both young and old adults who are looking for jobs have tried many ways to reconnect with the labor market. These include searching for jobs online, taking some more courses, and using more technology; but many older adults do not consider these ways very effective. The study also examines the economic, social, and emotional effects experienced by older adults who have lost their jobs during the recent recession. About 58% of older adults who participated in the study felt stressed about their current situation, 39% felt depressed, and 38% felt anxious. Another issue that arises with this is ageism: Older adults feel as though they are being discriminated based on their age. The Sloan Center is advising older adults to continue to be engaged in their community and to emphasize the skills they have that their younger counterparts are lacking, such as engagement and resiliency.

For more information, read the entire article.

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