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Below are abstracts from the 7th World Congress on Aging and Physical Activity. The theme for 2008’s event was "Active Aging: Focus on Longevity and Physical Activity." These abstracts were published in the July 2008 supplement of the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity.

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Characteristics of Accidental Falls Among Elderly People in a Rural Area of Japan

The purpose of this study was to investigate characteristics of accidental falls and related risk factors among elderly people in a rural area of Japan. read more

Effects of Aging on Physical Symptoms of Postmenopausal Japanese Women

To investigate the effects of aging, we reevaluated climacteric symptoms, especially physical symptoms of Japanese women. read more

The Relationship Between the Functions of Knee Extensor Muscles and Scores on the Sit-to-Stand in Middle-Aged and Older Individuals

The present study aimed to examine how the estimated power could be related to measures of the force-generation capacity of the knee extensor muscles. read more

Effect of Resistance Training on Walking Ability in Middle-Aged and Older Adults

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of resistance training on walking ability in middle- and older age adults. read more

Keeping Elderly With Mild Cognitive Impairment Physically Active: Determinants of Maintenance

The FACT study (Folate physical Activity Cognition Trial) was designed to evaluate the effect of physical exercise (i.e., moderate intensive walking) and vitamin B supplementation in adults with mild cognitive impairment, compared with placebo pills and a low-intensity placebo activity program. read more

Natural and Spiral Mobilization for Older Adults Lying on a Bed Using “Kinaesthetics”

The aim of this study is to make clear that Kinaesthetics is applied to natural human movements while lying in bed. We focused on a similarity between human natural movements and Kinaesthetics movements. read more

Effects of Adding Balance Exercise to Resistance Training on Strength and Balance in Older Adults

The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of a combined resistance and balance exercise (CRBE) program to a program consisting only of resistance exercise (RE) on strength and balance in older adults. read more

Effectiveness of Internet-Based Method to Adhere Home-Based Physical Activity on Symptoms and General Health in Older Adults With Heart Failure

The purpose of this study was to develop and evaluate a tool for promoting adherence to an exercise program among adults with heart failure. read more

Evaluation of Arteriosclerosis Risk by Pulse Wave Velocity and Systolic Pressure

Arteriosclerosis is a lifestyle-related disease that is a cause of a cerebrovascular disease, and therefore evaluating a risk of arteriosclerosis was the object of this study. Pulse wave velocity (PWV) and systolic pressure (Sys) were measured in this study with the aim of making an index to evaluate the risk of developing arteriosclerosis. read more

How Many Days of Pedometer Use Reliably Predict the Annual Activity of the Elderly? The Nakanojo Study

We here apply the techniques of variance analysis and Fourier transformation to examine patterns of variability of daily step counts within the individual and within our test population; this has allowed us to make mathematical estimates of the number of days of sequenced, randomly timed and seasonally-timed observations needed to predict the annual habitual physical activity in healthy elderly people over a 365-day period. read more
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