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I am not too up to date on Falls research, but I did recently run across this CDC website ( I found it very useful!

I like to use the Senior Fitness Test to assess my clients. Not sure of specific balance-related tests. What are good ones to use?

I know for my dissertation research, encouraging participation with this population was difficult. Even with the provided incentives, my numbers remained very low. Being in a university setting/area the same individuals get targeted for participation... not really sure how to get around that one, though.

I have worked in various settings, and when it comes to older adults it's always the same issues... they think they don't have time or just don't have the desire to exercise.

I think they think of "exercise" in the formal sense of the meaning and it is overwhelming to them... instead of just focusing on being more physically active throughout the day. Just walking a few minutes more a day instead of sitting on the couch watching a few more minutes of their shows, would make such a difference to their health.


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Scientists believe that our brains continue to develop through and beyond middle age. But there is debate over whether we can train middle-aged brains to work better. What do you think?

I have the same problem as you are.I don't know why.
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Lower-income populations and some racial and ethnic populations have limited access to parks. This can partially explain lower physical activity levels. What other environmental factors contribute to lower activity levels?

I have the same problem as you post!
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There has been a lot of research regarding balance in older adults. What research seems to be the most promising in terms of falls and fall prevention, and why?

Strength training seems to be useful in preventing falls ...
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