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One of the major barriers for older persons to start the program are the attitude about the terms you use e.g phyiscal fitness might stop an older more frail persons whereas the term staying independent through physical activity will be more appealing to this persons.
To inlcude persons in need of such programs one way to lower the barrier is to formulate it in a positive manner and relate it to the main goals of older persons e.g. staying independent or healthy or being able to cope with everyday lifes challenges through physical activity.
Looking into theoretical backround e.g. theory of planmned behavior or SOK by Baltes and Baltes might also help. understand

Hi Angi,
this questions seems very broad regarding the fact that you might want to talk about risky behavior in different areas e.g. risky behavior in fall related area can be obtained via questionnaires e.g. SAFFEE, ABC.
In other areas the Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System is a setting oriented tool which is well known in the States.

I am curious to see more tools for risky behavior coming up.


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