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This was the slogan used in Europe to introduce Nordic Walking to the community. Nordic Walking is a low impact but effective total body workout.

Walking with specially designed poles and a learned technique has become very popular not just in continental Europe but also in the UK and in America. Here in Australia Nordic Walking is still a niche activity and many people (including those working in the heatlh and fitnes industries) haven't heard of Nordic Walking. Nordic Academy, the peak authority in the field in Asia Pacific trained about 80 instructors so far - most of them are health professionals who include Nordic Walking in their health programs.

For more information visit

In the Practicioner area I posted a comment about the benefits of Nordic Walking.

Nordic Academy is the peak authority in the field of Nordic Walking providing training to health professionals.

We're looking for people who are interested in doing a research project in Australia implementing Nordic Walking.

If you're interested please contact us via our website or call us on 1300 791 740.

Hi there,

I'm glad a found my way to this forum. Active Aging Communities is playing a big part of our lives, business and otherwise.

I'm the Dirctor of Nordic Academy Australia. We are the peak authority in the field of Nordic Walking, providing training to health professionals (and also fitness professionals) for them to become Nordic Walking Instructors.

You might not even have heard about Nordic Walking?!

Nordic Walking - as per definition - is fitness walking with specially designed poles and a learned technique to create a total body but low impact workout.

In the past years we have experienced the growth of Noridc Walking in Europe and lately in America. In Australia Nordic Walking is gaining lots of popularity and is finding its way into the mainstream health and fitness activities.

The mein reason for Nordic Walking's success is the fact that the activity is very approachable, inexpensive and can be done by mostly anyone, anywhere at anytime, in a group or as a sole exercise. It is mostly performed outdoors, where one can reconnect with nature and 'exercise' mind abd body at the same time.

We would love to hear from health professionals and the general public of their views of Nordic Wlaking.

If you want to find more information please visit or freecall us on 1300 791 740.

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