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Community Centers

Forum Rules

Treat this forum as a place where you can learn from each other. The forums will be most useful and effective when they remain on topic and the communication between individuals is civil and useful. Please follow our guidelines:


  • Offensive, vulgar, threatening, or derogatory language is strictly prohibited.
  • Please avoid criticism or labeling of any individual, organization, or agency. All constructive criticism should be supported by appropriate reference citations (e.g., from a Web site, book, magazine, journal).
  • The Active Aging Community Center has members around the world, which brings together a wide variety of individuals with different personalities and different ways of communicating ideas. Therefore, it is possible to misinterpret a comment as rude or offensive when no such message was intended. Please keep this in mind when reading and responding to posts.


  • It is strictly prohibited to post anyone’s personal contact information, including e-mail address, street address, or phone number.
  • It is strictly prohibited for anyone to put a participant of this forum on a commercial or private e-mail list without first securing permission from that person in writing. Violators will be suspended or terminated from the forum.

Advertising and Spam

  • Unauthorized or unsolicited posts, including advertising, promotional materials, "spamming," or other forms of solicitation are strictly prohibited. Posts submitted solely for the purpose of promoting a product or service will be rejected or censored.
  • Do not post your message more than once.


  • Posting jobs, event announcements, and other organizational material in the forum is not allowed. To share such information with other AACC users, please submit your news using one of our online forms.

Copyrighted Material

  • The redistribution or posting of copyrighted material without prior written approval from the copyright holder is strictly prohibited. When posting approved information from another source, please cite the source’s full title, author, and year of publication for the benefit of all forum participants.


  • We reserve the right to edit messages or refuse to post them should they be deemed inappropriate. Messages should be constructive and focused on sharing or obtaining information of use to active aging professionals.


  • Posts must be in English. We are unable to translate posts into English.
  • Use standard capitalization and punctuation for ease of reading. Do not type your message in ALL CAPS. This is considered to be shouting and therefore poor etiquette.


  • All participants in this forum must be 18 years old or older.

The forum is managed, but we may not review every post. If you see something that you feel violates the rules, click the "Alert Us" button, which is displayed on the forum page. Fill out the form and submit.

Content Disclaimer
Unless expressly stated, the views expressed in this forum are not the opinions of the Active Aging Community Center or Human Kinetics. These rules are subject to change without notice, at Human Kinetics’ discretion.

We do not rent, sell, or share personal information that resides on the forum.

The Active Aging Community Center reserves the right to remove any message or message segment and to terminate discussion on any topic that appears to be inappropriate and that falls outside the guidelines. In addition, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate individuals from the forum at any time for inappropriate conduct.

Contacting Us
All ideas, recommendations, and complaints should be directed to the Active Aging Community Center director.

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